Movies or Books?

Heya­čÖő fellas and peoples ^_^

WELCOME TO BHARAT SE NAMASTEY ­čî╣ (kudos to you all for bearing me since the last 15 years, and last 15 blogs)

Today we shall talk about movies… And maybe, books? But…… Books or movies? Or movies or books? ­čÉç

I really don’t know…


One thing I do know,

Once we read a book, we don’t find interest in the movie which is based on the same book. ­čÉç As in, if you have read the Harry Potter books, then you wouldn’t think the movie is as good as the book itself!

And similarly, once we watch a movie, we don’t find the book it is based on, as interesting as the movie itself. ­čÉç As in, if you have already watched the Harry Potter series on digital files, then you won’t be able to focus on reading the book!

Again, there are few exceptional people in this case, so I’m only discussing about the majority of movie + book fandom fellas.

Okay I am feeling sleepy­čÉ░

Bye for now, beautiful ^_^

Love, Bhabana ­čĹ╝.