KKKG 💕 (Film Story)

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham💟

“Sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness”

That film which touched hearts just like KKHH 💞 Kuch kuch hota hai…

KKKG is a Bollywood movie… Which is basically based on romance, bromance, and love beyond one’s own religion.

In the story, actress Jaya Bachchan plays the mother of two brothers, played by Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan as elder brother and younger brother respectively. The father, played by Amitabh Bachchan, is a rich person with high social status. He is orthodox and didn’t want his elder son to marry someone who is Muslim, and had already been thinking about the marriage of Shah Rukh with a Hindu girl, played by Rani Mukherjee. But his beloved son fell for a Muslim Girl from Chandni Chowk, played by actress Kajol Devgan. They married and left, after Amitabh said that Shah Rukh Khan cannot be his own blood. Such an intense emotional scene, and they left for London, till almost forever. When Hrithik found out many years later, the reason why his closer than anyone bro left the family… He vowed to unite them again. He went in the name of studying there, and soon met Boo, portrayed by Kareena Kapoor. They united as friends and later lovers, to help the family become one again. Fast forward… He was successful. Shahrukh and Kajol felt as if Hrithik was someone their own, when they didn’t know the truth. But then they finally knew… And the family becomes whole and completed again! Hoo Rayy💘

Things ended Happy again.

These sad parts of our life exist only because we need to acknowledge what makes us happy.

Otherwise things would be quite boring, right?

Now now, I take leave here, Thank you!

– Bhabana Rabha 🌸

Bipolar Disorder

Today I’m gonna be talking about how I, a 15 year old, am trying to live with what I have, I have Bipolar Disorder.

It’s pretty simple- it’s a mental disorder which makes the person experience intense moods of manic highs and depressive lows. It’s pretty common actually, especially in a densely populated country like India. But I assure you, I have met too few people whom I suspect have this same mental condition as me.

And, to say the least, though treatment could help, Bipolar disorder cannot be fully cured- it’s chronic. Even if a person does seem fully cured and over the illness, there is a great chance he or she would show the symptoms again. It’s like an addiction, only much more uncontrollable.

Now you might be thinking, “Oh she’s writing blogs which are quite sane, then how come she can have Bipolar Disorder?” Well, I’m not under medication or using therapy, but yeah I am still capable of controlling myself, at least, sometimes. I didn’t have it since birth, and none of my ancestral family members have gone through mental disorders, that is, as far as I know of.

My parents would, obviously, not believe me… Not that I didn’t try telling mom.

Because, the thing is, everyone may experience the symptoms of Bipolar disorder, but not altogether, and they are always temporary, and just common. So, experiences of symptoms merely, do not prove you have Bipolar Disorder, and, when you do get Bipolar Disorder, YOU WILL KNOW…


You become more and more attached and also detached to certain things, at the same time. You get more hobbies, and also lose many. You become indecisive, but your will grows stronger. – Bipolar disorder feels something just like that. Only difference between normality and of having the disorder, is that such feelings remain in your brain, all the damn time, and you never know what you need to do to calm yourself.

This condition isn’t anxiety, although anxiety is one of its symptoms. So, I would suggest you to keep calm, you may not be as mental as someone having Bipolar disorder.

As for me, I have all the symptoms of it, since past many years… And, I won’t probably be able to take therapy. Low on funds and yeah, it’s a casual issue for my immediate family. So, no therapy as long as I can control myself. And yeah. Mental. That I am. My eighth grade crush whispered that I’m mental, he said that to my other friend. Loser, I wish he dies asap.

Now now, I gotta shake my head and study stuff.

Good night fellows.


Bhabana Rabha.

Hopeless Love?

So. Hopeless Love. Right, that’s the title of today’s blog.

You know love?

The feeling that’s too good to be true and so completely innocent and blah blah and blah.

Well, love is Hopeless. I repeat, Hopeless.

Knock knock. Who’s there?

A hug for you.

And then kisses…

And some hugs….

Lastly, sex.

Then, the knock knocks STOP.


Wonder why??

Because love is hopeless.

When you feel its love, its always infatuation, and lust. An invitation for Destruction of our Mental health.

When it will be love, true love in its realest sense, then, you won’t even feel it. It will be proved to you that this love is real, and not be based on just mere feelings!

Bhabana Rabha ♥

I feel awkward….

I’m so ugly… Yes its true… I’m beautiful in nobody’s eyes except Mom, I guess… I have low self-esteem, and I totally suck at everything. I feel paranoid all the time from people… And at the same time pronoid about the supernatural and mystical energies. I am so strange, so awkward, I basically am so confused all the time. I honestly feel about myself this way and I guess its the truth…

by Bhabana Rabha (a 14 year old)

Ever been played with?

Yes, he was a Playboy…!

Stole my heart. Stopped my heartbeat.❤

Loved me when he loved. Left me when he left.💔

I regret it all…. And at the same time I want it all back. This is a stinging emotion…. Making us feel nostalgically heartbroken, and like the loneliest and most unloved person in this world.

Where’s the love now- we find us asking ourselves…. Hadn’t we felt it? Hadn’t we thought “that love” to be true love? What?? Why?? How?? And then we find ourselves with wet eyes the next moment…. Clearly because we’re tired, we aren’t wanted anymore…. We are surrounded by suicidal thoughts…. We become cowards…. We become our own enemies….

What would happen to you, if you realize…. that you were just a doll, or a battery-run racecar for someone (though you are human, you have a LIFE)…. And how would you feel if you were thrown out, just because the person who loved you so much got a better car or a more cuter Barbie doll, because you got older and your lover didn’t want you anymore???

Don’t worry…. Dear, you need to live…. For you need to renew yourself…. Become NEW again- be YOU again!

You have your beauty, you have your soul, and you have you!

Stay Alive, Precious…. Let them play with your heart, let them play while they can…. For everyone becomes an “old toy” sometime, and believe me- you aren’t the only one who has ever been played and thrown away into the bin. I believe in Karma….


In Braille, Maybe??

Hi Guys☺

How have you been? Doing well or pale, whatever, do share with me in the comments- for I would love to know what’s been going on with you, the same way you read my blog on my life stories and my imaginary fictions, with your evergrowing enthusiasm! I would hope, that someday, maybe my blogs may be printed in Braille too… for the people who are visually challenged, are losing out on so much… They can’t really see what we see, they are only visualizing the world, through man’s greatest power, that is, imagination. And all the visually challenged people don’t have access to literacy yet… which too, we got to take strong initiatives about. They live a life… without something, which we cannot even think about as a part out of our life-cycle… a life without the sense of sight. So, they are never to be underestimated, for they are strong individuals who are struggling to find a way to exist, and to live.