Ever been played with?

Yes, he was a Playboy…!

Stole my heart. Stopped my heartbeat.❤

Loved me when he loved. Left me when he left.💔

I regret it all…. And at the same time I want it all back. This is a stinging emotion…. Making us feel nostalgically heartbroken, and like the loneliest and most unloved person in this world.

Where’s the love now- we find us asking ourselves…. Hadn’t we felt it? Hadn’t we thought “that love” to be true love? What?? Why?? How?? And then we find ourselves with wet eyes the next moment…. Clearly because we’re tired, we aren’t wanted anymore…. We are surrounded by suicidal thoughts…. We become cowards…. We become our own enemies….

What would happen to you, if you realize…. that you were just a doll, or a battery-run racecar for someone (though you are human, you have a LIFE)…. And how would you feel if you were thrown out, just because the person who loved you so much got a better car or a more cuter Barbie doll, because you got older and your lover didn’t want you anymore???

Don’t worry…. Dear, you need to live…. For you need to renew yourself…. Become NEW again- be YOU again!

You have your beauty, you have your soul, and you have you!

Stay Alive, Precious…. Let them play with your heart, let them play while they can…. For everyone becomes an “old toy” sometime, and believe me- you aren’t the only one who has ever been played and thrown away into the bin. I believe in Karma….


In Braille, Maybe??

Hi Guys☺

How have you been? Doing well or pale, whatever, do share with me in the comments- for I would love to know what’s been going on with you, the same way you read my blog on my life stories and my imaginary fictions, with your evergrowing enthusiasm! I would hope, that someday, maybe my blogs may be printed in Braille too… for the people who are visually challenged, are losing out on so much… They can’t really see what we see, they are only visualizing the world, through man’s greatest power, that is, imagination. And all the visually challenged people don’t have access to literacy yet… which too, we got to take strong initiatives about. They live a life… without something, which we cannot even think about as a part out of our life-cycle… a life without the sense of sight. So, they are never to be underestimated, for they are strong individuals who are struggling to find a way to exist, and to live.

An Opinion On Soulmates… 

“Tragic… Torturous… Terrifying… ” maybe thats how its all been in my mind, in front of me… All this while…. Its all been messy like crap since I started using Instagram and found someone who “used to”  *love* me… I know I am just fourteen and this is no time to even think about falling in love, to feel the purest form of emotion with a soulmate, at such a tender age!  But, let’s get this straight- on an average,  we start puppy-loving right at 14, well, not all, but half of the population does…  and, sometimes, its better to back away, like I did… Nobody is looking for puppy-loving and hookups and breakups, all we want is love…. To be honest,  you won’t have a lack of a life-partners, the lack is of a soulmate… A soulmate is one who understands and will be with you, even if you are 10 times worse or ten times better! Its similar to the relation of the Sun and the Earth, look how they support each other… The Sun loves Earth and nurtures her because if his heat do not have warmth…  his rays, does not beget life not love nor goodness, then what’s the use of the Sun being ‘The Sun’? And if the Earth cannot stand up to receive the Sun’ s love and be his strength, make him worthy of being the Sun…. what’s the use?? 

Till next time…. Loads of Love, 

Bhabana Rabha:) 


Lean On;)

One kiss, fire a gun… All we need is somebody to lean on🎶🎵

Didn’t the above lyrics from the song 🎵Lean On🎵 by ΜØ and Dj Snake get most of us music-lovers😘 up and dancing? I have been listening to it on my earphones at the very moment just as I type here right now😅:D:D

The video has some hypnotizing dance steps and those seemed “awkward” to me, at the very beginning of the song’s release back then… but slowly and slowly, I fell in L❤VE….👉with DJ Snake, with MØ, and with the song itself…😍, and also with those #Awesome dance steps which seemed “awkward” to me at first!

Though this isn’t my favorite song or music(they change often), just thought if I could express my appreciation for this song… As a blog, while I #LeanOn my pillow the whole time while typing and humming along;)

Love You😘

By Bhabana Rabha 👧

I love blogging!

Hi friends! Hulo☺ I’m back, after having my last post published just an hour ago😆 WordPress is #Addictive 😜😜 This is my fifth blog and I have received my fifth like today- as a notification stated in the app- well, Congratulations and Celebrations to Me😘! Though its not a big thing, I really do feel like a queen👑 ….on top of the world, right now! 😄 Thanks so much, for the follows, likes, comments and patient reads of my goofy blogs! Love you my fellow bloggers😘 MUAH💋(😅)

Although its a blogging process that I have been performing- I’m actually more like writing on a personal diary, expressing my life and all my thoughts here, freely😌 #bloggingdoesfeelawesome

No one knows that I have started blogging… Except Maa and Dauta(‘dad’ in Assamese language), who are unfamiliar with the experience of ‘Blogging’… And though they don’t encourage me, I am NEVER going to stop blogging- at least not till I die! Hahaha😂 though I’m not sure if I am ever gonna die… #crazybitchesdontdie

I read up about Blogging a year or two before, in some magazines and my scholastic IT textbook- and I swear…the chapter which was about blogging was the one I loved the most and also topped the class when our Ma’am took a written test on that chapter. From the moment I heard about blogging… I never stopped having goosebumps out of excitement from that very moment….. And I started dreaming (mostly daydreams) and dreaming… About being a blogger, that too, a blogger who could make people happy with her blogs and cherish their imaginations through her blog😌 As soon as I got my own sim card and internet pack supplies from my dad, I started reading blogs (reading, not writing) on every random website…just to feel content- because I was scared to start writing my own blogs😥 (what a stupid girl!!) All thanks to P…… Sharma, to get me going- indirectly he became the driving force that got me into blogging! (I have already thanked you in my first article, but still, Thanks again! Even though, you don’t know yet that I’ve started blogging😜) 💕Owe you a really Big Heartfelt Thank You!❤ Yuppie! Now I am a blogger too! Oh, how much I love to pronounce and type the magically mesmerizing word- BLOGGING☺

Good night, my folks! I love you all😘

@loveofmomo ( Bhabana Rabha )

Gutten Morgen💖

Hola Amigos☺ How have you guys been? (Dated 11th December 2016) (Time: morning 9:30)

I can’t believe 2016 is going to be over so fast and New Year’s is coming already!! Its a thing to Hurray about🙌 as well as something to miss… a whole year of having so many fun and fantastically good experiences, while also falling and stumbling in some miserable moments😌:|😌:| ! I can’t count all the fabulous things that have happened to me this year, nor the ones that have made me stronger in times of fear… I guess I will miss them loads+ also embrace the ones to happen in the coming year☺

What about you Lovely People? Haven’t you, had the same feelings for this memorable year? :D:D:D

Well, I dunno how many more years I would be alive😅 and how many more moments I am going to experience throughout my gorgeous life, but whatever happens- I will enjoy it 100 •/• surely… As I have always done!! #positivevibes 😜

Well, writing about positivity and stuff usually seems boring to me😅 hihi😄😄 though I am writing about it myself right now! Its not that I hate positivity stuff- NO NEVER! I have been positive in my life, even in situations where it is terribly-terrifying and controlling oneself seems impossible. You could say my life has had an excess of pressure… At least a bit more than my peers around… I don’t know if I should speak it out, vent it out right here in my blog right now… But I shall try, its often so hard to wear my heart on my sleeve and express myself clearly you know… Ok here I go… I was the class topper(the lowest marks I ever got was 49 out of 50 and 98 out of 100 at that time) at my preparatory and nursery school and everyone including boys used to get jealous and I had no friends except one girl named Disha who belonged to the “popular gang” at that time (basically we were good friends because we knew each other before schooling, as our parents were good friends before both of us were born) so she would be hanging out with a circle of girls who were unfamiliar to me and they viewed me with jealousy and pity for I spent my whole two years there sitting alone in the class while others played in the ground with smiles and laughter which I used to look out from the window. (The teachers always saw this, fingered at me, used to murmer with each other while I used to sit quietly in my bench, gazing around at everything around me… I wish they would have maybe helped me make some friends around or at least tried talk with me for once instead of ignoring what they were clearly noticing…. But no, I don’t hate them, I love them ➕ I miss them) My father was a lazy guy at that time who always used to drop me last at my class and I had to sit at the last bench towards the boys side and had to ignore the partition of benches of boys left side and girls right side (the only girl sitting in the boys side- yeah, well, that was me) and yes, it felt gross… I hated last bench (we had benches and desks where 4-5 or maybe 6 students could sit together in a row) and also, on top of that, there were eww-smelling boys who used to pull my hair and steal my things. They bullied me in nursery and I used to say nothing- fuck me for that! (If that would have happened now, they would have already had their death ceremonies… Amen) One day, a teacher noticed me crying and asked me why I was crying… I was trying to stop my tears but it gushed out more like a fully opened tap and I tried to speak out, choked out, and said to the ma’am, “kiba hoise” (‘something happened’ in Assamese, our native language) … Ma’am asked me again the same question, that what happened, and this time I pointed to the boys in the last bench who had scared expressions in front of that teacher at that time… I don’t remember well if they got any punishments that day, but they got scoldings as far as I remember and it felt good, at least a little. I was made to sit in the first or fourth bench for the rest of the day… (I was 4 or 5 years at that time) … Preparatory was fine, not as bad as the nursery I told you about… Although I did feel terribly homesick at that time.😅 And I was a social kid everywhere that time, merging with everyone(especially with hot older guys😜) at that time, everywhere except school! As you know, some people are too cool for school, aren’t they?!!😂
I have lots to tell you guys about- so much that I could write a series of books about my life story, and some philosophical stuff, but as you know, I am the laziest girl around😅 I am gonna take leave now and save some stories for later!

With lots of love😘

Bhabana 👧

Will see you around!

Feeling Good Though☺

Hi Guys! I am back …with this as my second post on WordPress!☺☺☺

So, its been two days ago since my first blog was published… And yeah- I feel AWESOME now that I am a blogger too!! Yippee😆😜😝😝😄😄😄😄

Haha😅😅 sorry … He he😂😂 I get hyperhappy sometimes… Similar to hyper active😁!!!

It’s a Wednesday today(midweek), which is hectic as usual…. And as I am typing all this here right now, everything is coming out like “on the spot” 😅 and honestly, I still haven’t thought of what to write about today! There are thousands of brainstorming sessions going on in my crazy head… But still, look at this lazy girl😅 I can’t even select a topic quickly for my blog!

Well…I am writing all this without filter- much like writing my personal diary! Yeah… Now I remember😨 that…. I haven’t even touched my diary since three HUGE months- September, October and November… And counting😱😱😱! Gosh! Omg! I am really getting out of focus and control nowadays😅 …. I should stop getting so deeply addicted to social media stuff… Its hampering my connections with my writing habit in my cute littlediary💕


:o:o:o:o my boyfriend just called … And he is telling me to come online… In WhatsApp(a messaging and calling app) ……. See___That’s what I was saying just now… About focus going on the 👉wrong places👈 As a 14 year old, I think I should be careful + cautious… So as not to get lured away by “infatuations”, ” crushes”, “boyfriend-girlfriend” and other such stuff related to emotions and all.😁 But what to do, I am a teenager😂😂 so I guess all that is common for us! But yeah, as for my boyfriend…. I am not going to be online at WhatsApp for him! Let him die of missing me 😂😂 haha! By the way, I’m not sure he misses me, to be honest😂

Lol… 😁 that’s what you might be thinking right now… What to say😂 sorry for being so goofy and confusing you with my confusing blog😜

Well then, see you, all my fellow bloggers and friends❤

Good night. Sleep tight.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging!

Gotta go for my tuition classes now😁

Had fun blogging again😌 Thank You WordPress!😘

(Date: 7th December 2016)

My first ever Blog …

Hulo Guys:) I am the most amateur and one of the goofiest bloggers you are ever gonna meet … 😄😄😄 Let me firstly #Intro myself! I am an 8th Standard girl who is tomboyish at heart and girlish on the cover. I am a Sagittarius and yeah, I find deep interests in philosophy, astronomy, astrology, numerology, spiritual concepts and other such mystical mysteries! I dance, sing, read, write, play, pray, eat, love, and DO …just because I get bored easily doing the same routine everyday tires me and also, we should be active, shouldn’t we? I am reserved but completely crazy once we are friends, much like all of you! I am 14, therefore a bit immature, stubborn and child-like, so do correct me please, my dear Reader, when my blog does not do well, if you take me to be your Friend😘 (Date: 30th Nov 2016)

❤my heartfelt Thanks for …

My Family and the Almighty God, for always being there for me☺

My Schools and Institutions, for teaching me what I needed to know and introducing me to the sea of knowledge which is so deep and vast☺

My Teachers and Colleagues, for connecting with me with so much love and keeping the magic of friendship alive☺

My Books and Magazines and Pens and Pencils, for taking me to Dreamlands where I could feel myself truly☺

My Inspirers,William Shakespeare, Enid Blyton, Louisa May Alcott, Roald Dahl, Rudyard Kipling, Chetan Bhagat, William Blake, O Henry, William Cowper, Pratibha Nath, R.K. Narayan, William Wordsworth, Louis Fernandez, Anant Pai, Natasha Sahgal, Rajani Thindiath, Sean D’Mello, Rainbow Rowell, Leah Thomas, and many more inspiring legends whose names are hymned in every eternal bookshelf💕
And also, P…… Sharma, for telling me to start blogging☺☺☺☺

And finally, my sweet and awesome Reader, whom I love from my ❤ !!!!