Lonely and Loving :’)

3:36 AM.

Well, that’s what the time says.

It will soon be daylight time.

I’m still awake.

And what am I doing, you might be wondering?

Well… Nothing.

Nothing…. That’s what I am gonna answer you.

But that’s just a cover… “Nothing” is just a cover to so many things left unsaid.

As my blog site Bharat Se Namastey 🌹 describes, what you read in my blog posts… They really are Thoughts from a noisy mind, and a heavy, broken heart.

But yeah not to worry🌸 I’m not depressed, not doing anything wrong, nor am I broken-hearted. Nah… I do have a broken heart, but you know I’m trying to heal it every single day☺… And the trials itself tell me that yes, I can do it. I can go through this and all that comes. I can bear all the things. The noise. The thoughts. The pain. The love. The one love that left and caused me all the pain.

Well, now, I can’t even breathe with the pain being absent…. It’s like, I’m in love with my broken heart, and I won’t have myself another way. I love myself even if I know I can’t love myself more than I loved another person, I still keep going on in my life everyday. I still try. And I always will. I’ll keep going on until my heart heals.

And that’s not necessary for everyone. We need to take our time. Let it out. Keep it in. And all the things in between. Love hurts. And that’s not love if it doesn’t give you little hurt. That’s love, when it hurts, and you still can’t stop loving. Yeah. Maybe that’s love.

So, my dear friends… even when times aren’t easy, when all you can do is overthink, keep on breathing, and keep on loving. Love yourself when it hurts. Love thy neighbour. And above all, love God.

©Bhabana Rabha


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