Excuse me… My boyfriend’s ex?

Why does he love you more than he loves me?

Did you have to come first? Always first in his mind. First in his life.

He remembers last new year. Says it was a very nice day. And he says that this new year sucks. Last new year, perhaps you were there. This time, I’m here. Still, you’re the one he remembers.

You dated several people at the same time, ignored him, gave him pain. I healed his wounds as much as I could.

Now he wounds me so that he can fill his own wounds left by you. You left him. Now he leaves me alone, not just alone, but he left me lonely.

Ex… Aren’t you? So, why are you unintentionally disturbing his present girl? Does she deserve this? Does she need to suffer from all of this just because of you… Indirectly it’s you. You’re causing me pain…. Because you gave him pain, and now he gives me the pain. I can take all the pain he wants to give me, but for how long? How long will I survive like this?

Answer me.

With Love and Confusions,

Bhabana Rabha.



January’s comin’ back baby!

2:27 AM, Monday♡


… Guys! Whatcha doing?

I’m supposed to be sleeping right now. It’s 2:29 AM right now, and it’s night time. It’s cold and I’m not even inside the blanket. My head hurts. I can barely keep myself awake. I feel deoxygenated. But at least I’m happy. Kind of overthinking. But, overthinking in a good way. Good thoughts. Powerful thoughts. I feel good inside. My ears are listening. Listening… to Without Me by Halsey.

I’m loving it. Loving the song. It’s nothing, but this me moment feels nice. I miss someone. I’m hurt by many. I expect apologies and regret from some. And I also wish some people would forgive me. Understand that when I did what I did, it may have seemed wrong to them, but no I didn’t wanna hurt anybody. Nor save myself. I just did what I thought was right. And I really was. And I still am. I wanna apologize only because people were hurt. But deep down, I know I’m right. Well, my nose is hurting I don’t know why. I’m not even suffering from cold rn. Still. Yeah well, I don’t know why.

I think I should just shut up my mind and get some sleep. ☺

Oh wait…. I forgot to tell ya guys… Today’s the last Monday of 2018. And the last day of December. Last day of 2018. And January’s comin’back baby! ♡

Nah. I’m not actually excited much. But yeah I am happy I’m leaving behind things. And people. I would be able to say… That “you belong to last year. Now go live without me.”

Haha. I’m not evil, dude.

It’s just the truth.

I let people walk all over me. Let them take advantage of me. And they leave me, after taking me for granted, thinking they could live without me.

They don’t know that I was the one who healed them. And when they get up on their feet again, they step on me and walk away easily.

Nah. I’m not frustrated. I love what people do to me. I like the pain. It’s what I live for. I love to be used by people for rescuing themselves and hurting me in return. Thanks. I love such people. ♡

But yeah.

January’s here.

Y’all are gone cases.


It’s my time now.

Now show me.

That you can live without me. I wanna see how that happens.

Happy last day of 2018 to my fella bloggers and wanderers!

With Love,

Bhabana Rabha.


Lonely and Loving :’)

3:36 AM.

Well, that’s what the time says.

It will soon be daylight time.

I’m still awake.

And what am I doing, you might be wondering?

Well… Nothing.

Nothing…. That’s what I am gonna answer you.

But that’s just a cover… “Nothing” is just a cover to so many things left unsaid.

As my blog site Bharat Se Namastey 🌹 describes, what you read in my blog posts… They really are Thoughts from a noisy mind, and a heavy, broken heart.

But yeah not to worry🌸 I’m not depressed, not doing anything wrong, nor am I broken-hearted. Nah… I do have a broken heart, but you know I’m trying to heal it every single day☺… And the trials itself tell me that yes, I can do it. I can go through this and all that comes. I can bear all the things. The noise. The thoughts. The pain. The love. The one love that left and caused me all the pain.

Well, now, I can’t even breathe with the pain being absent…. It’s like, I’m in love with my broken heart, and I won’t have myself another way. I love myself even if I know I can’t love myself more than I loved another person, I still keep going on in my life everyday. I still try. And I always will. I’ll keep going on until my heart heals.

And that’s not necessary for everyone. We need to take our time. Let it out. Keep it in. And all the things in between. Love hurts. And that’s not love if it doesn’t give you little hurt. That’s love, when it hurts, and you still can’t stop loving. Yeah. Maybe that’s love.

So, my dear friends… even when times aren’t easy, when all you can do is overthink, keep on breathing, and keep on loving. Love yourself when it hurts. Love thy neighbour. And above all, love God.

©Bhabana Rabha

₹100 coin in memory of Sir Atal Bihari Vajpayee

⏺⏺India’s current prime minister Narendra Modi recently commemorated a ₹100 coin in memory of Sir Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who left us sometime back in August this year. ⏺⏺

The front (L) and the reverse (R) of the new Rs 100 coin released in honour of former Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

PM Narendra Modi released this morning a commemorative coin worth Rs 100 in honour of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who died in August this year. The coin was released a day before Vajpayee’s 94th birth anniversary.

Speaking at an event to release the coin in the memory of Vajpayee, PM Modi said, “As a speaker, he was unparalleled. He is among the best orators our nation has produced…..,

….The party which Atalji built has become among the largest political parties. Generations of Karyakartas were fortunate to be mentored by him.”

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Minister of State for Culture Mahesh Sharma, BJP national president Amit Shah and veteran BJP leader and Vajpayee’s contemporary LK Advani were also present at the event.

Description of the new coin

The commemorative coin features the Emblem of India on the front face.

The words Satyamev Jayate are inscribed below the Lion Capital of Ashoka Pillar in Devanagri script.

Also inscribed on the coin are the words ‘Bharat’ in Devanagri and ‘India’ in Roman script.

The coin’s value — Rs 100 — is also inscribed below the National Emblem of India.

The reverse side of the coin features Vajpayee’s portrait and his name inscribed in both Devanagari and Roman.

The years 1924 and 2018 are inscribed below Vajpayee’s portrait to mark the year of his birth and death respectively.

⏺⏺MODI Remembered VAJPAYEE…⏺⏺

Speaking at the event to release the commemorative coin this morning, PM Narendra Modi remembered Vajpayee’s master oratory and his commitment to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

PM Narendra Modi said that Vajpayee was an “unparalleled” speaker and was among the best orators India had produced during those days in the political arena.

“For some people, power is oxygen… they can’t live without it. A long part of Atal Ji’s career was spent in the opposition benches but he spoke about national interest and never compromised on the ideology of the party…,

…..He built the Jana Sangh but when the time came to rescue our democracy he and others went to Janata Party. Likewise, when the choice was between remaining in power or comprising on ideology, he left Janata Party and formed the BJP,” as said by PM Narendra Modi ji.


Info source: indiatoday.in

Bharat Se Namastey♡

Blog by Bhabana Rabha♡