Exams are going on? Well, mine too.

Hey guys!

Have you been too energized up right now and you wanna do almost anything, except studying?

Probably because you have your exams going on. Just like me.

I’m so energized to write this blog… Wow, my first blog since over a year!

After the devastating heartbreak and deceiving I went through, I had left most of my hobbies and just spent time crying and watching Harsh Beniwal, Ashish Chanchlani, BB ki Vines and Bart Baker on YouTube. I also got addicted to Riverdale­čĺĽ^_^

Anyone else? Riverdale fandom? Hehe:-) Jughead only makes it much easier on the eyes… ­čĺő

Crushing apart, I got Science tomorrow, what about you?

By the way, don’t ask me how much I have studied… I rarely know how to do find out the formulas and then the correct answers. Well, probably, by now I have realised… I need to go, burn the midnight oil, and think about Jughead…

See ya fellows!

And all the Best for tomorrow… May you study well, and leave Jones for me.

Bye my student a.k.a. readers­čĺč

Come here, Juggy­čĺő

– Bhabana­čĺč

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