Hi My People:D how have you guys been? I have been having awesome, as well as some aching experiences these days (as like always😜😂😂!), and I wrote a few blogs on them these 2-3 days ago…but by my misfortune they got deleted by my carelessness😥 and some help from the viruses😨 that have been attacking my preciously-precious Gionee P2S phone❤. I have installed antivirus(though the downloading and installation process bored me terribly😅😂) yesterday and I pray🙏 to the Almighty that it saves my dearest phone😘😘😘😅(its the first phone that I can say to be my “own” personal smartphone… I got it on my birthday last year in May 2015 though I got the cell phone 14 months later, in this year’s July):D:D:D:D

#gottostaypositive #optimistic #mysweetphone #getwellsoon 😅😂😂😂

So, the earlier blogs I had rewritten and rewritten but since they got redeleted😩, they remain unpublished here at WordPress, but remain pigmented in the heart of the nerve cells present in my brain😂(that means they are imprinted on my MIND)☺☺☺

See Ya Beautiful Bloggers😘

-by Bhabana @loveofmomo

[Instagram account👉 @loveofmomo]


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