Lean On;)

One kiss, fire a gun… All we need is somebody to lean on🎶🎵

Didn’t the above lyrics from the song 🎵Lean On🎵 by ΜØ and Dj Snake get most of us music-lovers😘 up and dancing? I have been listening to it on my earphones at the very moment just as I type here right now😅:D:D

The video has some hypnotizing dance steps and those seemed “awkward” to me, at the very beginning of the song’s release back then… but slowly and slowly, I fell in L❤VE….👉with DJ Snake, with MØ, and with the song itself…😍, and also with those #Awesome dance steps which seemed “awkward” to me at first!

Though this isn’t my favorite song or music(they change often), just thought if I could express my appreciation for this song… As a blog, while I #LeanOn my pillow the whole time while typing and humming along;)

Love You😘

By Bhabana Rabha 👧

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