In Between The Bustle… #hmmm #wandering #lost #anxious

Guys☺ how have you been? I hope my blogs are fine enough, to be published…if not, then be welcome to correct me, my friends, as I always say- I am a goofy person and an amateur blogger who needs to be corrected every now and then😄

I don’t know how to use this WordPress blogging application that well, even if it’s been about a month since I started using it. You know, I searched my website numerous times on and UC Browser and, but it shows no search results at all😰! I also don’t know where to use tags in this app…. Just some problems I have been having here😅😅 I pray to God that my problems be over soon🙏 Om Om Om 😁😌😌🙏

Its the fifteenth of December today, already half the merry month gone🏃 …that means that we have only half a month left of this year👀👀👉 its almost 2017- almost New Year!🎆 Christmas is here too🎄, though I don’t celebrate it in a Grand Way…but I do celebrate it in Tiny Ways👉 (visiting friends and inviting them over, eating cakes, wishing to stars, making my wish-list and writing a L❤VE Letter to Santa Claus 🎅) 😁😁😁just a few fun things that I do on 25th of December annually😄

I am a Hindu, by religion, but I am absolutely irreligious and don’t believe much in this fake worshipping rituals personally, I’m more of a spiritual … A believer of Confucianism😌🙏🙏🙏 (But yeah- some religious rituals are quite fun for me…. like ringing bells🔔and throwing flowers🌸 and lighting floated lamps on top of river water💧) Aah!😌 what fun!!😝😝🙏

That’s it for now, I think…

See Y’all Beauties😘


With love,

Bhabana Rabha 👧😘


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