Gutten Morgen💖

Hola Amigos☺ How have you guys been? (Dated 11th December 2016) (Time: morning 9:30)

I can’t believe 2016 is going to be over so fast and New Year’s is coming already!! Its a thing to Hurray about🙌 as well as something to miss… a whole year of having so many fun and fantastically good experiences, while also falling and stumbling in some miserable moments😌:|😌:| ! I can’t count all the fabulous things that have happened to me this year, nor the ones that have made me stronger in times of fear… I guess I will miss them loads+ also embrace the ones to happen in the coming year☺

What about you Lovely People? Haven’t you, had the same feelings for this memorable year? :D:D:D

Well, I dunno how many more years I would be alive😅 and how many more moments I am going to experience throughout my gorgeous life, but whatever happens- I will enjoy it 100 •/• surely… As I have always done!! #positivevibes 😜

Well, writing about positivity and stuff usually seems boring to me😅 hihi😄😄 though I am writing about it myself right now! Its not that I hate positivity stuff- NO NEVER! I have been positive in my life, even in situations where it is terribly-terrifying and controlling oneself seems impossible. You could say my life has had an excess of pressure… At least a bit more than my peers around… I don’t know if I should speak it out, vent it out right here in my blog right now… But I shall try, its often so hard to wear my heart on my sleeve and express myself clearly you know… Ok here I go… I was the class topper(the lowest marks I ever got was 49 out of 50 and 98 out of 100 at that time) at my preparatory and nursery school and everyone including boys used to get jealous and I had no friends except one girl named Disha who belonged to the “popular gang” at that time (basically we were good friends because we knew each other before schooling, as our parents were good friends before both of us were born) so she would be hanging out with a circle of girls who were unfamiliar to me and they viewed me with jealousy and pity for I spent my whole two years there sitting alone in the class while others played in the ground with smiles and laughter which I used to look out from the window. (The teachers always saw this, fingered at me, used to murmer with each other while I used to sit quietly in my bench, gazing around at everything around me… I wish they would have maybe helped me make some friends around or at least tried talk with me for once instead of ignoring what they were clearly noticing…. But no, I don’t hate them, I love them ➕ I miss them) My father was a lazy guy at that time who always used to drop me last at my class and I had to sit at the last bench towards the boys side and had to ignore the partition of benches of boys left side and girls right side (the only girl sitting in the boys side- yeah, well, that was me) and yes, it felt gross… I hated last bench (we had benches and desks where 4-5 or maybe 6 students could sit together in a row) and also, on top of that, there were eww-smelling boys who used to pull my hair and steal my things. They bullied me in nursery and I used to say nothing- fuck me for that! (If that would have happened now, they would have already had their death ceremonies… Amen) One day, a teacher noticed me crying and asked me why I was crying… I was trying to stop my tears but it gushed out more like a fully opened tap and I tried to speak out, choked out, and said to the ma’am, “kiba hoise” (‘something happened’ in Assamese, our native language) … Ma’am asked me again the same question, that what happened, and this time I pointed to the boys in the last bench who had scared expressions in front of that teacher at that time… I don’t remember well if they got any punishments that day, but they got scoldings as far as I remember and it felt good, at least a little. I was made to sit in the first or fourth bench for the rest of the day… (I was 4 or 5 years at that time) … Preparatory was fine, not as bad as the nursery I told you about… Although I did feel terribly homesick at that time.😅 And I was a social kid everywhere that time, merging with everyone(especially with hot older guys😜) at that time, everywhere except school! As you know, some people are too cool for school, aren’t they?!!😂
I have lots to tell you guys about- so much that I could write a series of books about my life story, and some philosophical stuff, but as you know, I am the laziest girl around😅 I am gonna take leave now and save some stories for later!

With lots of love😘

Bhabana 👧

Will see you around!

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