Feeling Good Though☺

Hi Guys! I am back …with this as my second post on WordPress!☺☺☺

So, its been two days ago since my first blog was published… And yeah- I feel AWESOME now that I am a blogger too!! Yippee😆😜😝😝😄😄😄😄

Haha😅😅 sorry … He he😂😂 I get hyperhappy sometimes… Similar to hyper active😁!!!

It’s a Wednesday today(midweek), which is hectic as usual…. And as I am typing all this here right now, everything is coming out like “on the spot” 😅 and honestly, I still haven’t thought of what to write about today! There are thousands of brainstorming sessions going on in my crazy head… But still, look at this lazy girl😅 I can’t even select a topic quickly for my blog!

Well…I am writing all this without filter- much like writing my personal diary! Yeah… Now I remember😨 that…. I haven’t even touched my diary since three HUGE months- September, October and November… And counting😱😱😱! Gosh! Omg! I am really getting out of focus and control nowadays😅 …. I should stop getting so deeply addicted to social media stuff… Its hampering my connections with my writing habit in my cute littlediary💕


:o:o:o:o my boyfriend just called … And he is telling me to come online… In WhatsApp(a messaging and calling app) ……. See___That’s what I was saying just now… About focus going on the 👉wrong places👈 As a 14 year old, I think I should be careful + cautious… So as not to get lured away by “infatuations”, ” crushes”, “boyfriend-girlfriend” and other such stuff related to emotions and all.😁 But what to do, I am a teenager😂😂 so I guess all that is common for us! But yeah, as for my boyfriend…. I am not going to be online at WhatsApp for him! Let him die of missing me 😂😂 haha! By the way, I’m not sure he misses me, to be honest😂

Lol… 😁 that’s what you might be thinking right now… What to say😂 sorry for being so goofy and confusing you with my confusing blog😜

Well then, see you, all my fellow bloggers and friends❤

Good night. Sleep tight.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging!

Gotta go for my tuition classes now😁

Had fun blogging again😌 Thank You WordPress!😘

(Date: 7th December 2016)

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