My first ever Blog …

Hulo Guys:) I am the most amateur and one of the goofiest bloggers you are ever gonna meet … 😄😄😄 Let me firstly #Intro myself! I am an 8th Standard girl who is tomboyish at heart and girlish on the cover. I am a Sagittarius and yeah, I find deep interests in philosophy, astronomy, astrology, numerology, spiritual concepts and other such mystical mysteries! I dance, sing, read, write, play, pray, eat, love, and DO …just because I get bored easily doing the same routine everyday tires me and also, we should be active, shouldn’t we? I am reserved but completely crazy once we are friends, much like all of you! I am 14, therefore a bit immature, stubborn and child-like, so do correct me please, my dear Reader, when my blog does not do well, if you take me to be your Friend😘 (Date: 30th Nov 2016)

❤my heartfelt Thanks for …

My Family and the Almighty God, for always being there for me☺

My Schools and Institutions, for teaching me what I needed to know and introducing me to the sea of knowledge which is so deep and vast☺

My Teachers and Colleagues, for connecting with me with so much love and keeping the magic of friendship alive☺

My Books and Magazines and Pens and Pencils, for taking me to Dreamlands where I could feel myself truly☺

My Inspirers,William Shakespeare, Enid Blyton, Louisa May Alcott, Roald Dahl, Rudyard Kipling, Chetan Bhagat, William Blake, O Henry, William Cowper, Pratibha Nath, R.K. Narayan, William Wordsworth, Louis Fernandez, Anant Pai, Natasha Sahgal, Rajani Thindiath, Sean D’Mello, Rainbow Rowell, Leah Thomas, and many more inspiring legends whose names are hymned in every eternal bookshelf💕
And also, P…… Sharma, for telling me to start blogging☺☺☺☺

And finally, my sweet and awesome Reader, whom I love from my ❤ !!!!

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